About Us

Committed to Irobland

The Irob Lake Lodge Support Association (UV ILL: Unterstützungsverein Irob Lake Lodge) was established in 2016 to finance the construction of Irob Lake Lodge and to give the lodge a good start towards economic independence.

In Irobland, many people are still dependent on food aid. Irob Lake Lodge brings jobs and income opportunities to one of the poorest areas of Ethiopia and serves as a model for other initiatives in local tourism.

The Irob Lake Lodge Support Association is recognised as a non-profit organisation in Switzerland. Membership fees and donations are tax deductible in Switzerland.

Would you like to become a member or support the work of the UV ILL with a donation? Then, please, contact us. We are happy to receive any contribution!

The Swiss development expert Bruno Strebel and his Ethiopian business partner Desta Gebreselassie initiated the Irob Lake Lodge project. UV ILL supports them in their efforts.