Welcome to Tigray, Ethiopia!

Ethiopia invites you, come and discover it. The country on the Horn of Africa has a centuries-old culture, beautiful landscapes and people for whom hospitality is not merely a word.

Nowhere do you experience the fascination of Ethiopia more closely than during a stay at our lodge at the Asabol Lake. Located in the barren mountain world of Irobland (Irob District), in the northern Ethiopian region of Tigray, Irob Lake Lodge offers you the opportunity to get to know Ethiopia and its inhabitants in an absolutely authentic way.

Bathing, trekking, observing animals, relaxing – you can do all this and much more at our lodge and in Irobland. At the same time, your stay contributes to creating income and development opportunities for the local population.

At Irob Lake Lodge you can enjoy the charming landscape ...
... observe a variety of birds and other animals ...
... or take a refreshing dip in the Asabol Reservoir.